Panda Global's Farewell to our Summer HotS roster!

The rosterpocalypse is complete, and in its wake is our former summer roster. Once the Burbank Regionals completed, we knew there were rifts that formed between members of the team that were nigh-insurmountable. Despite bootcamping with their coach and their manager at their side, they couldn't feel the synergy they once had anymore. Our team began splintering and despite our best attempts at finding a way to round up the old roster with some of the new agents that flooded the scene, nothing felt like a natural fit. The last thing we wanted to do was to force a team together that didn't have chemistry, so we encouraged the team to stay in the scene and find where they fit the best.

Yuuj -- Full of heart and passion for the game, Yuuj took his own path shortly after the Burbank Regionals. Unsurprisingly for a top support free agent, he was able to find a solid spot with TNC.

XcyteZ -- Even though he was an astounding coach, he's also an amazing player. After Yuuj's absence XcyteZ took up the mantle of shotcaller and support for a time. Quickly reaching the ranks of Grandmaster and he's ready to show off that he can do more than just analyze the game. XcyteZ will compete with Clown 9 Vortex and if his team qualifies, he's still going to be rocking the PG jersey!

bkid -- Shortly after Yuuj split from the team, bkid was approached by GFE to rejoin with Udall and Akaface. And after successful negotiations, we were able to transfer bkid's contract over successfully to GFE in a professional manner.

Kladeous -- With bkid and Yuuj on their own paths, Kladeous felt it was time to branch out as well and we wouldn't force him to stay with us. He tried out with AA and found a good new home with their roster.

Jason -- Jason too found his new home with a roster named Veni, Vidi, Spongegar. A roster we think could be a dark horse in the upcoming split.

psalm -- Starting with us since we acquired Kappa Wolves 7 months ago, we've seen psalm grow into an incredible competitor. Every time there was an issue, he would grind and grind until he smoothed out the problem. We believe in psalm and his future so much that he will still be flying the PG black and white while on his team of free agents. We'll cheer him on, support him where we can, and when a new org comes knocking at his door we'll help him negotiate his contract as well to make sure he's taken care of.

Where is PG going from here? We're not sure! We still have a lot of love for HotS within the org so we intend to watch where NA goes and find the right time (or the right team!) to jump on in :). Without a doubt we'd like to keep supporting the scene and find some way to be involved with competitive NA HotS, which is why we're glad to have an opportunity to keep supporting psalm as much as we can. There are a couple other exciting ideas we're working on so hopefully they pan out!

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