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8th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger


Hello friends,

As a lot of you already know, I haven't done an official release in a very long time - so I'd like to announce to you all that next week on the 15th of July I'll be releasing the last collection of songs under the name 'Bustre' in the form of an album.

This album is called 'Everything Has An End' and is comprised of what I consider to be the best work I've ever made. A lot of these songs were started in 2012/2013 and are finally ready to be released.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Bustre & Anna Yvette - Grief
2. Bustre - Devotion
3. Bustre & Thallie Ann Seenyen - To Die For
4. Bustre - Kindred
5. Bustre - Calamity (Part 1)
6. Bustre - Calamity (Part 2)
7. Bustre & Laura Brehm - Strange Love
8. Bustre & Cat Martin - Honesty
9. Bustre - Everything Has An End
10. Bustre & Laura Brehm - Strange Love (Telomic Remix)

Many of you have asked me, and no - this will not be released on Monstercat. This is my last Bustre release and I want it entirely on my terms and a standard that I am happy with, not a standard someone else is happy with. This is about me this time.

A few of you may be wondering why this is the last release from me.
The reason is this:

As much as I love Drum & Bass and producing electronic music, this alias has become something I didn't want it to become. It's become a means to an end, a stressful and time consuming part of my life that made writing electronic music a trial and error based process in which I tried to appeal to individuals as opposed to appealing to myself. The time and the stress of trying to make this work as a career overtook the amount of enjoyment I got out of creating, and when compared to the amount of reward I was getting from trying to make this into a proper career, it just stopped being worth it and made me cynical and bitter about this part of the music industry. This is why I will be moving away from it to chase other things in my life.

I still might put some things out here and there under the Bustre name, I have a few outstanding collabs and still have a burning love for Drum & Bass in my heart. But don't expect anything any time soon.
I'm considering creating a new alias for more electronic music - a project where I can just forget about deadlines and genres and guidelines and just do whatever I want for myself, but not sure whether I should share any more details on this.

As for my band [The Brackets] this has been a hobby that me and the other lads involved have been working on every weekend for the past year, so those of you thinking I'm leaving this to work on the band are incorrect. The band is a very precious hobby and going full time at this stage would ruin the enjoyment for me, and for the rest of us involved! For anyone interested we do have a soundcloud though: https://soundcloud.com/thebracketsuk

Thank you all for the support over the years everyone!
Big shout outs to everyone who's helped me and stuck with me to this point.
Mega special thanks to the following for the huge impacts they have made on my life and career in music:

All the staff at Monstercat, Feint, Fox Stevenson, Morrey, Twothirds, DaJeroen (Thanks for all the art dude!), Moleman, and all promoters that gave me the time of day!

Got fed up, done and album, peacing out.




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