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6th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

Nothing hurts me more than knowing I’ve let down people in my community; The people who’ve been my main source of inspiration and closest friends I’ve had since I began streaming in 2014. I’ve been so caught up in trying to balance streaming ten hours a day, being an entrepreneur, and living my own life that at times have lost sight of what’s most important.

After taking the last few days to reflect, I’m ready to make a statement regarding the allegations being thrown my way. First and foremost, I want to announce that I have ended my sponsorship with CSGOLOTTO and will no longer be playing on the site during my live streams or YouTube videos.

Originally, I was approached by Trevor & Tom to promote CSGOLOTTO. I was offered a monthly sponsorship, which included skins that I had the option to use on the site or keep for myself. As our deal progressed, this offer was changed to include a minority share in the company once the incorporation documents had been submitted.

As of the date of signing, I updated my sponsorship decks, website, and social platforms to include CSGOLOTTO sponsorship logos alongside my other sponsors. Additionally, I also included a rotating CSGOLOTTO sponsorship logo that appears in all of my Twitch streams, VODs and YouTube videos. I was also informed early on that the incorporation was being publicly registered in Florida by the company's accountant, under the name “CSGOLOTTO Inc.” under our legal names. We had nothing to hide as we’ve always been advised by our attorney that CSGOLOTTO met all necessary laws, rules and regulations. I apologize to any of my fans that felt I should have been more clear.

Lastly, I’ve seen allegations that as someone who owned equity in the business that I could have rigged the site in any way. Firstly, the skins that were provided in my sponsorship agreement were given to me with no strings attached. Any skins I lost were skins of my own, not of CSGOLOTTO’s. I have hundreds of hours of stream content, which shows these wins and losses. Overall I am considerably down. Additionally, I’ve never had access to any backend information or have the coding knowledge and/or access to ever make any changes that could affect my ability to win. CSGOLOTTO employs over 15 support staff and incorporates numerous failsafes for this purpose.

I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies to anyone that is upset with me regarding this situation. The amount of love and positivity I’ve received from our community over the past two years, is something I would not trade for anything else in the world. I want to thank everyone that has been supportive throughout this ordeal. With that said, I will continue to pursue new projects and return to my regularly scheduled live streams and content creation.

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