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6th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger


So, today I'm deciding to quit playing heroes competitively and maybe in general. Might come back as a coach or just a casual sometime but atm I just hate playing the game. I log on to scrim and play for tournaments but that's it, had this issue since I've been on astral and it's a bad time to leave murlocs but I know I'd want to quit a month down the road anyway and leaving them in the middle of the season would be a lot worse than leaving before the first qualifier of the season. I wish the best of luck to astral, murlocs, and all the teams I've come to know besides maybe a couple people.

Again, none of this is because of my contract situation or because I'm afraid of facing my problems. I learned quite a bit from this whole situation and it'll help me on the in the future, however continuing to play when I hate the game is something I know I shouldn't do. Thank you for all the support people have given me from my career in hots and I hope people say hi once in awhile if I show up at events in a murlocs jersey.

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