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Gay Males, Particularly, May Likely Include "Natural Soldiers"

Where Cultures Are More
Reverted For Whatever
Purpose To Primitivistic
They THEN Tend To Favor
Having More Males Around, Just To
Somehow Go Out And Help The
Community Make It.
It's Visible In The U.S. & Canada
With Isolated, Lonely Expats From
Poor Lands Abroad.

It's further now known that
particular and particularly productive
women, having a string of males, and
particulary where the latter born males
are MORE ("hyper") masculine, those
males are slightly likelier to be
born gay.

That implies community male extra
availability, and for particularly
hyper masculine role.

The above together imply a community
adaptive genetic as to population make-up,
short of war.

The second element implies an orientation
based community epigenetic adaptation:
"First Available For War."

Its consistent with the obvious:
Alexander the Great, J. Edgar Hoover, Caligula
(gay.) Archeology's found it the case
certain ancient armies were primarily

Separately, a certain trait ("left vs right
handeness") is correlated with winter birth,
the "handedness" being gay correlated.

Thus, that's consistent with "First Available
For War" in terms of seasonal scarcity:
"More Hands, Fewer Mouths."

Many other epigenetic relations concerning
energy availability, apart from orientation
affects, imply the latter may be part of a
larger stasis:
community epigenetic adaptive energy stasis.

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