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[TRANS] 20160.06.30 SONE NOTE LIVE Vol. 4 with Hyoyeon

Part 1: Trying out flying yoga

Staff: You tried out yoga this time, but do you usually practice yoga?

Hyoyeon: I don't normally do yoga, but I do have experience. It's my first time trying flying yoga.

Staff: How was it after trying it out? It seemed like you easily did some difficult movements.

Hyoyeon: Did it seem that way? (laughs) It was the first time for me to exercise with a hammock, but thanks to the teaching of the teacher, I was able to imitate it somehow. However, since it is my first time, I couldn't do it as well as I wanted to. (laughs) But it was really fun and interesting. I could see myself really clearly in the mirror. I usually like cool exercises and dances, but the poses for flying yoga are really pretty, so I was moved when I saw that in the mirror.

Staff: You started stretching before trying flying yoga, and I was so surprised how flexible you are! Is there anything special that you do to get more flexible?

Hyoyeon: From back in my trainee days, I especially stretched before dancing, but I always stretch. Stretching is something that I don't normally skip because my body immediately stiffens if I don't do it. (laughs)

Staff: It seems as if flying yoga is really difficult and you need a considerable amount of strength in some areas.

Hyoyeon: Yes! It looks graceful, but it seems like its an exercise that unexpectedly uses muscles and your core. As an exercise that trains your core, you have to concentrate on it. Since I'm not used to movements that need that, it was difficult to maintain my balance.

Staff: Do you think that flying yoga could be done by someone who isn't flexible like yourself?

Hyoyeon: For those who normally don't exercise or aren't very flexible, do some basic yoga poses and stretch before starting flying yoga. On the contrary, couldn't it become an exercise for those to train their flexibility? ^^

Staff: You said that you had some experience with yoga, so please share with SONE JAPAN some secrets for yoga.

Hyoyeon: For a period of time. I did some so-called core centric yoga, but I suddenly got caught up with hot yoga...because it seemed so cool. I thought, "The passion and enthusiasm of hot yoga! That's something a pro should experience!" So I tried it once and I never did it again. (laughs) When you focus on your core while doing yoga, you'll come to concentrate on your breathing. From doing that, sometimes you might get light headed. If you don't have the enthusiasm, you'll waver, but if you do, then you'll black out. (laughs) That's why you shouldn't push yourself the first time and take your time learning the basics. If you do that then someday you'll be able to try out the hammock. (laughs) Start with the basics!

Staff: Yoga is an exercise that makes you flexible and it also has a relaxing effect. Did you feel relaxed after trying flying yoga?

Hyoyeon: First, the poses are beautiful and I felt great seeing them in the mirror. Also, recently I've been practicing a lot so my muscles are stiff, but I feel like this will loosen them up. It seems like this is good for correcting your body! It's good to achieve a balance in your body like straightening your back and correcting your shoulders. No need to go to a hospital, and able to correct your's good exercise ^^

Staff: How do you relax when you're busy?

Hyoyeon: It's important to diligently continue doing the same exercise, but I like doing various exercises depending on how I feel at the time. For example, today is tennis, tomorrow is golf, and the day after that I'd go walking along the river, and on another day I'll exercise at home...It's fun to change the type of exercise like that. I'm able to maintain my stamina and I never lose interest because I don't repeat the same exercise.

Staff: You do various exercises! Is there a member who you'd recommend flying yoga to?

Hyoyeon: It's not just one or two members. (laughs) I thought about trying it, but if all the members tried this I think it'd be beautiful. I believe it'd be a beautiful sight to see... Also, I want to recommend this to the members because it's important to correct your body, despite dancing ^^ Yuri likes yoga, but she's never tried flying yoga. As I thought, I want to recommend it to them all!

Part 2: Exercise and dance

Staff: In Sooyoung's interview, she mentioned how she's the least athletic, but Hyoyeon is the most athletic. Who is the least athletic among the members?

Hyoyeon: Sooyoung. (laughs) She really knows herself. (laughs) I think shopping consumes a lot of stamina, but if you limit it to just shopping, I'd lose to Sooyoung. I lose my stamina really quickly, my eyes get tired, and it's emotionally tough on me...but when Sooyoung is shopping, she demonstrates great stamina. (laughs) However, when it comes to exercise, Sooyoung is the first to get tired. Where does she get the stamina when she goes time I'll try looking for it. (laughs)

Staff: Hyoyeon, the clothes you wear for exercise is fashionable! What fashion and colors do you like when you exercise?

Hyoyeon: When I exercise and especially when I dance, if I outfit at the time is something that I like, then my dancing gets even better. If I'm satisfied with how I look, then I get even more into it and able to dance. It's the same when I exercise. If I'm golfing or doing flying yoga, if I'm wearing clothes that fit that exercise, then I believe the results are 200%. Regarding the color of clothing, I don't exactly have a favorite color, but each time, it's very important to wear clothes that match the environment, situation, as well as the type of exercise. I think it's important to wear something that makes yourself look good, because exercise will become fun because of that. I believe that whatever you do to have fun is actually a method of enjoyment.

Staff: Among the sports that you haven't tried up until now, what would you like to try?

Hyoyeon: Surfing! I've never tried it and I've never brought myself up to try it out. Surfing is paddling very hard with your hands to the point where I think it's an exercise for your arms in order to ride the waves. And you only ride the waves for a moment. I thought it was a such a fleeting sport, but I heard that surfing is packed with a lot of very interesting components. There are many around me that surf... They recommend it to me a lot, so I want to try it once. Also, wet suits are sexy, right? ^^

Staff: You'll take on surfing this summer then? ^^

Hyoyeon: Yes! There are many places in Japan where you can surf. I've seen a lot of pictures and they were so pretty that I want to go there.

Staff: Among SONE JAPAN members, there are many who started learning dance because they admired SNSD. To those fans, please share what sports do you recommend and ways to start practicing to get better at dancing.

Hyoyeon: A good way to get a sense of rhythm and go with the music is to over evaluate yourself and try to go straight for the top rank and ignore the beginner and middle rank! However, for those that never tried dancing before, please start from the basics because I think without that it won't go very well! If you want to be like SNSD or be like someone else who's good at dancing, if you treasure the feeling of having fun from the basic steps, I believe you can dance even better than those you admire. For those trying for the first time, please have fun and try practicing by watching SNSD music videos. To dance well it's important to match your hands, feet, and eyes altogether. SNSD has also been careful of that since our debut!

Staff: The flying yoga teacher was strict ^^ If you were to teach someone dance, would you become a strict teacher?

Hyoyeon: I don't think I'd be strict. (laughs) Dance is something that doesn't need words. If we don't understand the words, it's OK! I'm the type to show and teach. How I dance and how I move my body...I'd show it all as much as possible.

Staff: It seems fun to be taught by teacher Hyoyeon!

Hyoyeon: Of course! (laughs)

Part 3: SNSD

Staff: Recently, there have been a lot of solo activities, but please share an episode that left an impression when you were on schedules with the members.

Hyoyeon: Last year in Korea we released "PARTY", then "Lion Heart". For "PARTY", we went to Thailand to shoot the music video. It was really hot but very fun. SNSD, Thailand, and cute outfits! We went for the filming, but I had such a great time with the members that I'll remember it ^^ The outfits for "Lion Heart" were really pretty, but whenever I wore that outfit, it felt like my confidence naturally overflowed. I believe that SNSD's charm was heartily demonstrated through "Lion Heart". (laughs)

Staff: What did you do during your time off in Thailand?

Hyoyeon: There was a pool and the beach, so during our break time we all played around in the pool. Seohyun was my roommate at that time, so before filming we woke up early and I took Seohyun to the beach. We went into the sea with flippers! At first, Seohyun said she was scared, but in the end, she was able to go to a pretty deep area and I have a memory of us enjoying snorkeling together ^^

Staff: Could you share what you'd like to try from no on?

Hyoyeon: I'd like to try flying yoga up on stage. (laughs) There's a pose in flying yoga called the goddess and if I did that on stage then maybe I'd really look like a goddess! The poses I learned this time are all pretty and if I fluttered the cloth more, it'd really be beautiful.

Staff: My expectations got higher!

Hyoyeon: I'd like to say, "Please anticipate it", but...I wonder if it'll be OK... (laughs) It's just a small wish of mine ^^

Staff: Finally, a message for SONE JAPAN please.

Hyoyeon: The theme this time was exercise, so everyone, please don't slack off on exercise and always take care of your health! Also, thank you always for cheering on SNSD! Please give us your support from now on ^^

Translation by RedSunsetXIII (redsunset on SSF)

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