We're seeing some questions about the content we post from our Twitter account. Our remit is to champion writing by women, and has been now for nearly six years. Our site has thousands of reviews of women writers, alongside interviews with and features about women writers. We also link to writing by women from our social accounts, allowing us to share and celebrate a wide range of writing from a range of backgrounds, in line with our community content policy and guidelines (which can be found here: http://forbookssake.net/about/)

Earlier this week, we mistakenly shared a link to an article on Feminist Current. This conflicted with our content policy for a couple of reasons. The author, Robert Jensen, is male, and therefore out of our remit of sharing and celebrating writing by women. The article was also flagged by members of our community as containing transphobic and transantagonistic views. We take these concerns seriously, and as such the tweet containing the link was taken down. Although we're seeing several accusations of 'silencing' and 'censoring' Feminist Current, the article is of course still online, with debate continuing there.

We remain committed to sharing writing by women, with a specific focus and emphasis on supporting and amplifying voices of women who may be marginalised in mainstream media and society - including but not limited to trans women, queer women, women of colour, disabled women, women sex workers and/or women from low-income backgrounds - and will continue to do that, both here and on our own website.

We welcome your feedback on this and all topics. If you do want to get in touch, we recommend emailing hello@forbookssake.net to ensure your views aren't lost in our mentions or DMs, of which we receive a high volume everyday.

We're all unpaid volunteers juggling For Books' Sake alongside paid work and other commitments, and - in addition - at the moment, both our director and multiple members of our trustee board are out of the country, meaning we are unable to respond as directly or as in-depth as we'd normally like. We're sorry for the delayed reply, and any offence caused by that delay.

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