Thank you kabum

Hey peter here.
Didn't talk too much on twitter these days, Sorry for the disappointing results from last CBLOL. But furthermore,I'm parts way with Kabum today.
After I left TL,the originally plan for me is to go back to school finish my last year bachelor degree. But then kabum contacted me and give me a really good offer,including coach remotely from NA. Because of the time difference,I will be able to coach and study together,so i accept the offer and join kabum.
When i first joined kabum,we are at relegation match against BGODS,and i actually have multiply offer from other region(allow me to coach online).But i know kabum from s4 worlds,and i like their roster. I deeply trust they have strong potential but just need someone to help them and let them shine.I talked a lot with their team members and eventually joined the team.
At the beginning of split, we didn't show up very strong,but we managed to get 3rd/4th in the playoff,i think it's a good run for us and have very strong hope that we can definitely looking for title next split. But for the series against KeyD, it shows the problem i'm not there to help team draft which we got outdrafted and lost games.
During the offseason,team management reached out to me want me to move to brazil for split 2. I highly consider about it and talk with my parents.But due to personal issue,i can't make it happen.So team decide to release the contract. I agreed it and decide to go back to full time school study.After like they told me 3 weeks later,team reached out me again told me they want me back and i could still coach online,but the roster changed. Kabum changed 4 members from the team and only one left is matsu. Originally, I don't want to keep coaching, cuz i didnt know anything about roster etc, and I already signed with my school for summer semster. I talked with management and they told me they really want me back. I don't want to let team down ,so i spent lots of time working on my family and my school.Finally,they let me go back to part time study and i can keep coaching.
I talked with management about this roster ,it's really hard to get into playoff at the first
split.We have a new player coming from soloq,also player don't know each other well.I told them i can avoid relegation this split, and next split we can looking for playoff spot.After i watched player's scrim,I think they have potential,but lack of experience and synergy will make us hard at the beginning. We got 4-0 in the first week of CBLOL,then team just instantly got higher expectation for our roster.I told them if you see the top 4 in CBLOL,they all played together for a split and have more experienced player.Then after we lost all of the rest games,team told me they gonna released me again even my contract expired in Nov.
It's pretty sad that team didn't perform well,But i still want to give credit to all the kabum players and coaching staff.They worked extremely hard cuz they know they are new and they need more practice.But management didn't give us enough time to prove it ,and i wish them best of luck for the next split.
For the old kabum(lep/mlao/tino/zirigui), the days we spend together is really precious.Coming from relegation to 3rd. Thanks for the effort you guys put in.Mlao just told me they made in finals, best of luck to them!
Last but not least ,i want to thank guilherme for providing me this opportunity. I would like to also thank galfi,my assistant coach who stay online 24 hours and translate everything to the player.People please be more tolerant to them ,they put lots of effort behind the scene. I want to thank all the players /coach /staff who helped me in brazil.
Of course,all the kabum fans who follow me and talk those warmhearted words to me. Sorry for can't help team improved.
Again, Thank you all.

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