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29th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

Astral Situation

So, as everyone knows Astral "benched me". That's fine, the other part of the story that was left out is that I told them I'd like to leave a week ago today because the team hasn't been improving since after Burbank and I felt that it wasn't getting any better. I talked to the org about it and they said that's fine, they appreciate the honesty and that I'd be released. 2-3 days after I left I got an opportunity to play for another team so I took it. Last night it became a big issue that I'm playing for someone else and it's made to look like I left to join another team from the start, rumors get around I guess.

Maybe it's my own fault for playing for another team so soon, however the team isn't even a team yet because there isn't 5 players. That's pretty much it, nothing bad about Astral or anything like that just what happened for the last week. Won't stop me from playing though, so not a big deal.

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