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22nd Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

What I was told for getting kicked from GFE

Long day of traveling and to come home to this was just not prepared at all so apologies if this post will cringe English majors. TLDR the reason I was kicked was because the team felt my girlfriend was too much of an "issue" for the rest of the team. I'm not in the mood to talk much about details but I feel like this was complete bullshit to kick me off the team. I perform so well for tournaments and I even give all my effort into scrims and when I'm not practicing with the team I still continue playing Heroes. Not once has my gf been an issue or a distraction to my performance or the way I play so this feels really shady to kick me because of her when I still perform the best while being in a relationship. GFE has been memed into " Girl force experience" meaning all of the players are in a relationship while playing esports,If I was still performing very well for the team while being in a relationship then what's the issue and why change the roster? I was told I was a a potential problem in the future where if I broke up with my gf it would cause issues with my performance but that can be said about this whole roster, you shouldn't kick somebody because they MIGHT have an issue in the future but that can be said about anybody on any team and not just with a gf. Honestly I don't believe that was the real reason why I was cut from the team, if I was performing really bad then sure you can replace me but until then... that is not a good reason to replace a player who has put so much time and hard work into a team. I care deeply about esports and I have proven that it's my dream to make it big in the heroes scene and help it grow.
For people wondering what my next step is, I will continue to work hard and hopefully find a team to play for in the Fall season.

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