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22nd Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

[Translation] Brief SofM interview on the recent incident

Staying true to his IGN “SofM” (acronym for Style of Me), Snake’s new Jungler has his own unique jungling style and outstanding mechanical ability. However, his recent controversial usage of the Chinese language raised debates over whether it was due to language differences or simply his bad temper. What’s the true reason behind him saying “SB China”? Was money the reason SofM came to China to play competitively? With these questions, we contacted SofM hoping to get some answers.

Q: How does it feel after 3 weeks playing on the LPL stage?

SofM: I feel that our team is very cooperative. Everybody really wants to win despite us making many mistakes in game leading to a few loses. I think after a while everything will be better.

Q: Why did you say “SB China” in SoloQ?

SofM: I didn’t know what “SB” meant. I only saw everybody giggling whenever they say the word “SB”. I only found out the meaning after I got yelled at by the manager. Regardless of what the reason was, it’s all my fault. I am sorry.

Q: Why did you say “$$, VPN Boom” after that?

SofM: Meiko asked me why I was still able to play after the internet started lagging because they couldn’t play at all in their team base. So I replied jokingly, “our team has more money so we bought a more expensive VPN.”

Q: Why did you come to LPL? Was it because of money?

SofM: I only wanted to prove my ability. Other regions also treated me very well, but I felt that Snake and the LPL region attracted me more. Right now I don’t want to just prove my own ability, but to prove our team’s ability together with my teammates.

Q: Who do you have the best relationship with in Snake and why?

SofM: I have the best relationship with Flandre because I play games with him often.

Q: Who do you think is the best Jungler in LPL? What about in the world?

SofM: In LPL, MLXG and Clearlove are the best. In the world, I think SKT’s Bengi jungles very well. I am working hard to learn their playstyles.

Q: Do you plan to learn more Chinese in the future?

SofM: I want to learn, but right now practicing takes more priority.

Q: How is the development of LoL in Vietnam?

SofM: Developing pretty fast in Vietnam. Second fastest in Southeast Asia

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