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Succinct summary via @Ivy_4MJ..

Radar online desperate attempt printing OLD NEWS - like it's just invented the wheel.. PLEASE don't fall for Radars BAIT .. Don't share the links.. and Don't feed the BEAST -

Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 49m49 minutes ago
Don't let this desperate attempt distract you from remembering MJ this week. These tactics didn't work in the past, won't work now as well.

Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 54m54 minutes ago
So looks like they might try the "drug addiction" angle as well. Overall it's all same old stuff wrapped in more desperate & stupid tactics

.Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 55m55 minutes ago
Finally Robson/Safechuck lawyers listed 2013 article titled "Connection between sex addiction & Percocet addiction" in their research notes

Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 58m58 minutes ago
Robson/ Safechuck lawyers think "Are you scared yet" is a code message. Perhaps they should watch "Ghosts".

Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 1h1 hour ago
Robson/ Safechuck lawyers are in contact with Auchincloss and Zonen. Apparently Zonen is willing to help them.

Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 1h1 hour ago
There are only a few new things that can be learned from the documents - mainly about how Robson/ Safechuck lawyers think.

Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 1h1 hour ago
So that's why the OLD Neverland search information is once again making the tabloid news. Timing is obviously intentional.

Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 1h1 hour ago
Neverland search documents was the first discovery Robson/Safechuck asked and granted in 2014.

Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ 1h1 hour ago
Documents/ reports posted by Radar Online isn't new or previously unseen. It's a bunch of old documents from 2005 about Neverland search

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