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19th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

Shedding some light on my Phoenix1 situation

First of all I want to thank Phoenix1 for the opportunity to play in LCS and have my first team experience. Charlie, Slooshi, Brandini, Gate, Zig, Inori, Pirean, Mash, Michael, Eric, all of them helped me improve and I learned so much from my time here, and really am grateful. They have been nothing but great to me and I wish them the best of luck. To the Phoenix1 supporters, sorry I wasn't able to perform but I'm sure next week when Inori is back things will look up.

Regarding the crutches, it's a pretty complex situation so I'd rather not comment on it too much, since I want the main focus of this to be on LCS. But basically I have a bone disease so wheelchair/crutches are a somewhat permanent thing.

Before I say anything about my performance, I don't like making excuses. Please don't take this as one, I just feel like I need these things addressed.

So basically, like most people already know, I'm just a solo q player. I think I was rank 30 when they picked me up, and since then I've dropped a bunch. My only team experience was in a small league called Serpentis and that was for about 1 month. I also subbed a few games for DFG during the open qualifier for CS. Phoenix1 contacted me to play Week 1 for them while Inori had his visa issues, and that ended up being 3 weeks. I originally made sure that it would be a temp thing, I don't want to be on the bench just as a sub (not sure if that was an offer), even if it was an LCS team. I started playing scrims with them a couple of days before Week 1 and I think I had ok results. We went 0-4 (w/l) the first week and I was planning to leave the next week.

Fast forward a bit, more visa issues. Played for Week 2 with 2-3 scrims sets while there were more roster situations. Nerves started to get the best of me, you can kinda tell if you watch my player cam, I start randomly shaking in the Cloud 9 and EnVy sets. I was losing a bunch of soloq as well, which pretty much started to stab at my confidence. Went 1-4 that week, so considering it was my first LCS win I was pretty happy with results. I had a flight scheduled for Thursday (6/16) to go back to New York and announced June 14th that I would be LFT. The day before I was notified that there were more visa issues (won't go into specifics) but basically a deadline wasn't met. They asked if I could play for Week 3, and of course I said sure. Before our game vs TL, I had 1 scrim set for practice, as I didn't play the rest of the week thinking I was going home. I was pretty upset over the loss vs TL, because I really let myself down, even with limited practice I think I really under performed and was pretty upset after the loss. Losing just sucks, and I have a lot to learn off the other teams.

But yeah, to sum it all up: Didn't have much experience/practice (mostly experience) to perform as well as I would have wanted. Unfortunate visa issues led me to play 3 weeks, will take this experience to push forward and improve as a player, hope you guys support P1 as they really are a bunch of amazing people, management and players. To my supporters, I'll be looking for a team, so be on the look out for me 8)

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