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18th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

a quick Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy FAQ about the reading order:

People have been asking me a number of questions about when, where, and how DNM:CC is coming out. Here's a primer:

"Before Dead No More"
Amazing Spider-Man #16-#18 and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
Crucial Spidey turning points happen in these issues, setting the stage for...


Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #1-#5
This is the event book by myself and Jim Cheung. It tells the main story and can stand on its own.

Amazing Spider-Man #19-#23
Certain mysteries and revelations in DNM:CC are so BIG, that their stories and ramifications will be told in issues of Amazing. These stories will be co-written by myself and Chris Gage.
(I'm telling you now, ASM #21 is going to be one Spider-Man fans will be talking about for YEARS!)

Both of these arcs, DNM:CC #1-#5 and ASM #19-#23 can be read on their own.
But when read together, they will tell a larger and richer story.


We've announced there will also be a Dead No More anthology book, with side stories happening to other Spider-Man Universe characters.

Silk will be tying in.

As well as a secret mini-series that, for spoiler reasons, we don't want to reveal the name of just yet.

And there will be some additional announcements in the future.


Prequel issues in ASM #16-#18 and the Annual

The core story in Dead No More:TCC #1-#5

Massive revelations and fallout in ASM #17-#23

And tie-ins that play into the event, have major repercussions for their characters, and help flesh out the world of DNM:CC.

In size and scope, this will be similar to Spider-Island.

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