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17th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

Regarding Biofrost and DT

Biofrost signed an LOI for 2,000 per month with the expectation of being exclusive to Dream Team. He was only paid 2,000 for the month of February and his payment was late. Biofrost continued to be exclusive and practice with Dream team for several hours a day for two additional months without payment. Dream Team played 3 official matches with Bio and they are trying to play it off as if those matches were the end Bio’s service (https://gyazo.com/568d35baffa660c950a31cc28cb3bea9) even though in his initial LOI he was supposed to be paid monthly. (https://gyazo.com/ccc72fff4d2440a6c3dd224d0d88c89d) To clarify, Bio continued to scrim with them with the intention of playing with them in Challenger next season. (for 2 months, which he did not get paid for)

Because of non-payment for several months, he proceeded to look for other options and applied to TSM.

(From our side, we did not approach him to schedule a tryout until Parth confirmed with Riot.)

As soon as Dream Team found out about our interest, Dream Team immediately reported us to Riot and threatened to take legal action (https://gyazo.com/1fb31cdb546e7bdb0e464e548a5e0a69) with the intent of being under a valid contract. Riot did not view this as poaching or tampering because of non-payment and because this contract is also not valid.

Dream Team is clearly taking advantage of players that are extremely young without any legal experience. They proceeded to threaten us and then gave up because they had no grounds for a lawsuit.

Dream Team tried to pressure Bio into staying through legal action even when Biofrost was not being paid or under a valid agreement.

It clearly shows that Dream Team had the intent and belief that their contract was valid by calling us out publicly and also reporting us to Riot for poaching.

What's important here is that Biofrost performed services for DT and was not paid regardless if their agreement was valid or not. Dream Team is taking advantage of young players without any experience. They are also not counter-signing agreements on purpose with the intent to get out of payment.

Bio signed LOI to play for a $2,000/month salary
Bio played with DT for 3 months
DT only paid Bio for 1 month
DT accused us of poaching and threatened to sue.
Riot investigated and realized Bio did not receive payments and OK-ed for us to talk to him.
DT is misleading the community by only providing proof of ONE payment.

Because DT refused to pay Bio for the remaining 2 months of services, I went public in order to make sure that they do not do this to other players. I also want to raise awareness for all the players that are being taken advantage of. If your team is not paying you, I urge you to go public after you’ve tried to resolve it privately. The truth is, players that are not being paid have tried to get payments privately. However, if that is not successful, they cannot afford the thousands of dollars of lawyer fees to FORCE action. (My lawyer costs $400 per hour. It’s not fair for me or Bio to pay $8,000 in lawyer fees to get Bio’s $4,000.) Players end up giving up and they usually do not receive the payment from shady organizations. This is going to continue being a problem in eSports unless players stand up for themselves. (See TIP-- players that played for months without payment.)

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