WHO: GRLCVLT, a national secret society who will not stand silently and watch the patriarchy reinforce the values of a society in which the suffering of women is secondary to the advancement of men.

WHAT: We're having a party, hosted by GRLCVLT and Holyrad Studio, while filling out forms to express our dissatisfaction with the judge responsible for passing an unreasonably lenient sentence for the sexual abuse committed by Stanford student Brock Turner. Our goal is to contribute to the movement to unseat him. We will have printed supplies and stamped, addressed envelopes for any interested person to fill out in order to unseat Judge Aaron Persky. We will also have drinks and music because IT'S A PARTY.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 15th - 7:00pm-10:00pm

WHERE: Holyrad Studio - 35 Meadow St. #104 - Brooklyn, NY 11206

HOW: RSVP on Facebook or just show up! 21+

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