Insert sappy edgy post title about leaving hots here

At first I had no idea whether or not I'd do one of these posts but I feel even for the few fans I have out there who always interact
with me I owe them it at least.

After I came back home from Burbank Regionals #2 I knew that I was going to be leaving Tempo. I considered joining or making a new roster with
a few players to play for the last split but regardless I was going to be done after September.
I loved being on Tempostorm and I've never had more fun following this dream of mine than when I was playing with Tazza, Syracuse, Bobbyhankhill, and
Fan. But pursuing competitive Heroes really killed my savings and still has been (though its been less so because Blizzard and Tempostorm have treated
me so incredibly well.) So this time, I'm leaving with no intent to return so I can continue working back in my old field of work and start on my masters
which I've put off for heroes.

I don't think Heroes is dying and despite the doom&gloom lately I think it is headed in the right direction for a great future. I will certainly
be playing the game still in my free time because I do truely still love it! This decision is being made because of my own life goal timeline
and not because people believe its the end of the world due to heroes' rough start.

I want to thank anyone who has been following me since C9 Vortex or since I started on TempoStorm! Interacting with people in twitch, on twitter, or in my
youtube video comments made being a part of this community so enjoyable! Super special shout out to Tazza who literally has been the most incredible
person I've met in my time playing heroes and best of luck to any current and future competitive players! I hope you find everything in this community that
I've been fortunate to find!

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