Conf: Building Theories, Hypotheses & Heuristics in Science, Rome

Building Theories

Hypotheses & Heuristics in Science

Rome, Villa Mirafiori – Via Carlo Fea, 2

16-18 June 2016, Room XII

organisation and info: Emiliano Ippoliti & Mirella Capozzi

Open to the public


Thursday 16 June 2016

10:00-10:15 Opening

10:15-11:20 Margaret Morrison (University of Toronto) Building Theories: Strategies not Blueprints


11:40-12:45 Giuseppe Longo (ENS - Paris), Theoretical challenges in biology: from evolution to organisms and cancer, and conversely

Chair: Thomas Nickles

15:00-16:05 Emiliano Ippoliti (Sapienza University of Rome), Heuristic Logic: a kernel

16:05-17:10 Donald Gillies (UCL), Discovering Cures in Medicine


17:35-18:40 Alain Ulazia (Universidad del Pais Vasco) Activations of the eddy mental schema and its heuristic cooperation in the historical development of fluid dynamics

Chair: Carlo Cellucci

Friday 17 June 2016

9:40-10:45 Lorenzo Magnani (University of Pavia) How to Build New Hypotheses. Apagogé and the Optimization of the Eco-Cognitive Situatedness

10:45-11:50 Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh) Realism, pluralism and assessing truth across scientific perspectives


12:10-13:15 Carlo Cellucci (Sapienza University of Rome) Theory Building as Problem Solving

Chair: Emiliano Ippoliti

15:15-16:20 Lindley Darden (University of Maryland) Finding Mechanisms: The Product Shapes the Process of Discovery

16:20-17:25 Fabio Sterpetti (Sapienza University of Rome), Scientific Progress and Understanding


17:45-18:50 Thomas Nickles (University of Nevada–Reno), TTT: A fast heuristic to new theories and models?

Chair: Donald Gillies

Saturday 18 June 2016

09:40-10:45 David Danks (Carnegie Mellon), Richer than reduction: Scientific discovery by intertheoretic constraints


11:00-12:05 Uskali Maki (University of Helsinki) Discovery by interdisciplinarity

12:05-13:10 Monica Ugaglia (SNS Pisa) ‘Knowing by Doing’: Problem Solving and Theory of Knowledge in Aristotle

Chair: Fabio Sterpetti

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