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13th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

How to buy & watch Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition in SD

Okay, so as you've all seen, the extended cut of BvS was (by mistake) made available early in SD on CinemaNow and Flixster. But it's not as simple as just pre ordering. Here's what you need to do if you want to buy and watch it now (albeit in SD, but you get the bonus of having it in HDX on your VUDU library when it comes out officially, with the bonus features, on the 28th.).

P.S. make sure you use a US proxy/VPN while doing this to prevent any issues with geo-blocking.

1. Find someone selling an UltraViolet code on eBay. I bought it from this guy: but keep checking and this thread Make sure the code you're buying is instant delivery, and not upon release date.
(FYI the codes themselves are from this trading card pack but by the time you get it I bet they'll take the film off)
2. Redeem the code on Register for an account on VUDU and for an UltraViolet account as well when it prompts you to link both libraries. The film should now be in your VUDU library saying it's unavailable to watch undil December 31.
3. Register on (or and link your UltraViolet account to it. When you go to the library, it should now have the extended cut available to stream and download with the respective Flixster/CinemaNow desktop apps.

Hope this helps and be quick....

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