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12th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

Roster change for Brain Power

Cattle will be replacing me as ranged on Brain Power effective now. Though we've been a consistent threat, there's been something of a desperation for the team to determine what exactly was preventing us from getting past that 3rd place barrier and it appears the fingers are pointed my way for the moment.

Cattle is a talented player, and I understand the team's reasoning that he might be able to excel at the role given enough time to switch over. It seems like quite a gamble, but as I too understand the frustration with being so close but coming up short time after time... the feeling that something needs to change can be overwhelming.

Big thanks to Srey for stepping up last minute and helping us put together a strong showing under very difficult circumstances in the regional, he was not a part of this decision so please continue to support him on the team as he did a great job during the short time we played together.

I'll be continuing to train and further expand my hero pool. I didn't feel that the areas where BP was coming up short were in the team's ranged play, but I certainly didn't play perfectly and have a lot of aspects I can look to improve in my game. This was very sudden news for me to hear tonight so I have no specifics on where I'll be playing, but thanks to everyone who supported me over the long history of MG and Cog/BP for the last year, I had a great time and really enjoyed all the tense, exciting sets from the last regional and hope to bring more of the same in the future.

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