On The Female Side To Community Energy Stasis & Epigenetics

Why is female sexuality more flexible than male sexuality?

Is What I'm Calling
A Sometimes Ready To Go
Factor, With Respect To The
Following Paradigm.

--It Does Not Distort Anything
In The Article.
--It Helps Explain (And To Myself
--Why I Publish It--Make More
Compelling) A Pair Of Interrelated
Paradigms Both Very Very Readily
Simply Consistent With Absolutely
Anything Else Epigenetic You'll
This Has Proved The Case Already
With Many.

A Pair Of Interrelated Paradigms Says
Particularly Most Productive
Women Who Then Have A
Particularly Long String Of Male,
Which Males Toward The End
Of That String, If MORE ("Hyper,"
Using The Language Of Fact
Basis Linked,) Then Are Slightly
Likelier As To THOSE Males
To Produce Gay Ones.
It Would Have Served
"First Available For War,"
Or The Role Of The Gay Male
Consistent With The Ancient
Generals, Who Were Commonly
Gay: Tribal War.

Another Includes Trait & Gay
Correlation, But Also Trait
And Seasonality, And, It's
Winter, Thus Consistent With
A Variation Of
First Available For War:
"More Hands Fewer Mouths."

It Has Come To Be Very Many
Epigenetic Adaptations That May
Bear On Population Success Relative
To Local Conditions, Part Of Which
Will Reflect On How We Conduct Our
Cultures, Are (100% Of The Time)

That Has Proved The Case In Terms
Of A Larger, Yet Simultaneously
Overall Simple, Understanding:
Adaptive Stasis, Through To The
Level Of Insulin Resistance/Non-
Resistance, And Including As To
Comparisons, Such As Issei v Nisei,
Southwest Native Americans Eating
Cactus Before But Junk Food Now,
And The Like.

Because it combines how we conduct ourselves
culturally, in turn defining our world
physically, in turn defining our very selves
in every respect imaginable, I don't see why
those considering the paradigms wouldn't find
it, should they be of religious background,
reaffirming rather than the opposite.




(The twitlonger author's a public health
professional having entered from economics
but bringing good biomed depth/breadth.)

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