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7th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

Self rescuing princesses

As a response to -- I can't respond for Tor -- I don't work there and haven't for seven years. But I will say this. We do need a better way of responding to allegations of rape, if they can't go through the courts.

So, why is this Tor's problem? I'm an anarchist, presumably, Milena is if she rejects the state. We have always had mechanisms for this, well over a century. We meet, we negotiate, we have a contract, or a moot, we meet as aggrieved parties or with proxies (appropriately enough) on agreed term.

Anarchy runs on agreements, not mob rule. The mob rule thing? That's the smear on anarchy from mainstream media at the turn of the previous century. If you are an anarchist, you must be that much more individually and as a community responsible and ethical in your actions. So you don't just launch whispering campaigns and character assassinations without end conditions and wait for the state or the tooth fairy to intervene.

If we are the Court of Public Opinion, then every one of us is wearing a judge's robe. We do not prejudge. We are not a mob. We must have a rule of law that is negotiated in advance by the contract, or we devolve into a mob.

By creating a web site, by publishing in Medium, Nick and the women involved have created a presumption of guilt and environment of hate against Jake. Regardless of his guilt, they have let loose the furies, the goddesses of vengeance, to tear him and the community and Tor to shreds, and have taken no responsibility for a mechanism to put any end to the process. As such they are showing themselves to be children of the state.

"We can not to to the state for Justice!" they say. "So you tell us what to do!" they say.

I am telling them what to do. Negotiate among the aggrieved parties like mature adults, or delegate your proxies (traditionally lawyers in the state system), and have them negotiate terms of engagement, and move toward some resolution.

Right now, the blades are whirling in a maelstrom, and there is no end condition to the recursion. You will destroy Jake, yourselves, the community, and Tor, and other projects related, as funders shrink away from association with this scandal which is already in international headlines and will be persistent in many conference and NGO search results forever when they seek grants. Along with Andrea, Nick, Jake, and others. All of you are painted in 50 shades of gray forever, when you could have negotiated instead of called for paternal intervention from Tor or some other authority to save you.

Now, please, how is it that you need assistance in this? We have a number of experienced conventional mediators and attorneys in the community that could probably help if you stop thinking like victims and start thinking like real anarchists. Because Tor is not going to rescue you -- by law they are not allowed to even speak to you about this for quite a while, and then only through state dictated means.

If you refuse to go through the state, you will have to take up being self-rescuing princesses. And save us all from the mayhem you've structured in your blast radius.

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