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4th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

The future of Cringe Crew

First off, thank you all so much for the support this split, we missed Dreamhack - but we've been having a lot of unpredictable things happening to us. (Zashu getting banned, then beating Panthera with a sub, underperforming etc) We're okay with finishing first, but our goal is to drop out of this constant 4th place, and hopefully we'll be 1st / 2nd in EU. Our goal is to get a roster where we see ourselves going to worlds.

In this roster, we don't see Axioz as a part of the team. Therefore, we decided to kick him off the team. There are no hard feelings, and I want to thank you Axioz so much for helping us out when we were in need - you beat fucking Paradigm on your first appearance!

For the other 4 of us we're still going to stay together, however if we do not feel like we're able to build a roster that can go to worlds, you might see some of us step down from Smite. We're starting school / uni, and atm you really only make the big money in Smite, if you go to Worlds.

Deathiance is going to stay with the team as our coach, sadly our much-loved SoggySandal will be leaving us, however he will still remain a close friend of the team, and will be here on/off until summer ends (probably) Our new manager is as known Zerkiller, I've personally told the noob to stop writing dumb shit on twitter, but I'm happy that he's in the team now :D! Love you Zerk.

Zashu has a chance to appeal his ban again sometime in August (14th) I believe. If he gets unbanned we still see him as an option, but at that point we'll have to see if we're going to play better with him, or our current roster at that point 😄
So, atm we're again looking at new Solo Laners and possibly new Mid Laners - Message me here on twitter, or message Deathiance - You've to have had SPL experience or be a completely outstanding player. Hit me up :D!

Back in the days when I created this team with Suntouch, I really didn't have too high hopes, but now we've established ourselves as a solid top 4 contester for every split. For myself I'll keep going with Smite until the day it dies, I'll do my best to keep this team going :D! And hopefully going to Worlds - that's the dream, that's what we're looking at :)!

- EmilZy

TL;DR Axioz kicked, SoggySandal steps down, we stay together, looking for a new player to complete the roster. Goal = Worlds

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