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4th Jun 2016 from TwitLonger

Bai Bing praised Yonghwa's eyes expression is really awesome (click for trans)


[Last para on Yonghwa - Original]
而早前因拍摄《锋》片受伤的郑容和受访时称他把手是切破了一点,但现在已经没有大碍。而他也因拍摄这部戏而学习到不少中文,被问其中文水平时他还举起姆指 用广东话说:“好厉害!”更被谢霆锋大赞:“特别谢谢郑容和,因为他没有因语言成为一个障碍。”而在旁的白冰也不禁大赞郑容和演技了得,利用眼神做戏不担 心忘记对白:“与他演过三天之后就不担心了,因为他眼神很厉害!看着他的眼神就大概知道要说什么了。”

[Trans] Earlier while filming Cook Up a Storm, Yonghwa said during the interview he did cut his fingers a bit. but now it is fine. Because of the movie, he learnt quite a bit of Chinese, asked about how is his Chinese level now, he put his thumbs up and said in Cantonese, "Very awesome!" He was also being praised by Nicholas Tse, " Really want to thank Jung Yong Hwa, because he did not make language become a barrier," And Bai Bing at the side also praised Yonghwa's acting skills is great, acting with eyes expression, she doesn't need to worry about forgetting the lines, "After acting with him for 3 days I was no longer worried, because his eyes expression is really awesome! Just by looking at his eyes expression I already know what to say."

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