OOC for @JoshuaDoetsch


First, congratulations! I can't wait to hear what else you have in store for us and the world going forward. (damn, already tearing up... lol)

Second, thank you for all you've given us. Both in wonderful stories in game and this glorious Twitterverse. It's been said you were the heart of it. And that's true, literally pumping life into it with exciting teases and tempting puzzles. I've never known a gaming and RP community to be engaged like this on such a high level. Perhaps we never will again.

There is no doubt that Twitter kept me playing The Secret World when I was ready to quit after a couple months. Through that, I've seen more character development on one of my oldest and most beloved characters than in the 10 years prior. But more importantly, I've met some of my dearest RL friends and companions... all from this little experiment that kept TSW alive for me.

Wish you well and all our love,
Hikari and Bunny

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