NSTC Break from Splatoon

So yea, I'm here to say that NSTC will be taking a break from Splatoon (we could still play in a tournament here and there, so it's not dead, just clarifying that now before you may come to that conflusion). If you haven't noticed, we've been rather inactive and some of us don't really feel like playing Splatoon and I don't wish to force anyone to play the game at all. And with Overwatch out, most of the team will be playing that with each other (if you're interested in watching them, they may stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/team/nstc).

Boo, Toadsili, and Zizzy will still play Splatoon regularly and stream it, so please go and support them if you want to continue seeing Splatoon, but unlikely with the rest of the team.

The rest of this will be more attributed to me than the others, so these are my words

And I want to thank every member of NSTC, past or present, for a fun and wild ride:
WALKMAN04 (aka Walky)
Master A1
Red (aka RedFyn)
Toadsili T
Smashley (aka Smashkirby & various other names)
Samu (aka Samura1man)

A lot of these names may or may not be recognizable, but they all contributed to what the team was and is currently. It has been through many many MANY phases of different players (I like to call them Alpha NSTC, Beta NSTC, Forever Fifth NSTC, etc.). A lot of them are still active in Splatoon communities (competitive and casual) and some are on other Splatoon teams, please go and support them.

A big thanks to Powerpoint (aka Part-Time Warriors), they've always been supportive and are our sister team.

A huge thank you to SplatGAF, the sub-community of NeoGAF that plays Splatoon. It was there where it all started and most of the names up there are from there, including myself. They've supported it from the start, even though now the team may not be what they envisioned it being, so I'm sorry for that.

And I would like to publically apologize to Sendou, he's made up with the team and in the end, didn't do anything wrong intentionally (maybe rash :P), it was just dumb conflicting emotions.

And thank you veerryyyyyyy much for all of those who supported us along our way, including our opponents throughout the 8 months. It has been a wild ride, that's for sure.

I know some are thinking "why don't you recruit people to make the team active?" I think there's a limit to recruiting players, and players who have been usually recruited in the past was due to enjoying playing with them. And another reason to avoid that is they would have to deal with the issues coming with NSTC. It isn't exactly sunshine and roses. Although, I wouldn't really say there are much in terms of issues now.

One of the people affected by that greatly is Czar, so I would like to apologize to him for that. It wasn't fair to him at all and it felt like he was excluded. Many others were also, and in the end, they left to join/form other teams or left the competitive scene all together. I wish them all the best of luck with whatever they're doing and if they are on teams, hopefully enjoying it on their team.

Anyways, I felt like writing this up to clarify the state the team is in and just be transparent about things, the team meant a lot to me, as well as others from what I've heard, well, at least the Discord server lol. It has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people in the Splatoon community at large and many who I would gladly call friends. So thank you.

- DaBoss

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