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27th May 2016 from TwitLonger

2 TL's in 1 Day.

Myself and Snoopy have decided to depart from Team EnVyUs for reasons kind of unrelated.

Myself: If you hadn't noticed, lately we, Team EnVy, haven't been doing too hot for several reasons I explained in my earlier post. We kept trying to make quick fixes with constant roster changes, which obviously wasn't a good idea looking back on it. I personally feel like the drive to be the best and the drive to improve as a team just wasn't there. We kind of were just accepting that we were the #7 team rather than trying to improve to the #1 team. That's not a very good feeling in my opinion. And our recent performance was in no way acceptable and I'm sure everyone on EnVy is deeply sorry to the fans, SoaR, and HiRez in general. EnVy treated us so well, through the highs and lows and deserve the #1 Smite team in the world, regardless if I'm on it or not, I will feel this way. I will personally continue to play/practice/stream Smite Solo Lane in preparation for my future career whether it be on another Pro Team or even a Challenger Team.

As for Snoop-a-loop: I can't entirely speak for him, but from my understanding he's currently not enjoying Smite and would like to take a break for the rest of the split/DH, which of course is understandable. You don't want Smite to feel like your JOB, you want it to be something you're excited and motivated to play. That's just my thought on it.

EnVy going forward from now... I'm unsure of any kind of plans they have considering how rapid everything seems to be moving but I'm sure you'll be notified asap.

To all my teammates this season.

CycloneSpin: You're a god. The god. I had a blast teaming with you for these... 7 months, and I'm sure you'll go on to be one the best in the game, regardless of role and regardless of how much time you spend watching the Animemes.

KikiSoKappaPride: You're pretty cute, it was always so uplifting hearing your squeals in scrims as you ganked, jkjk. But really, I think you're mechanically one of the best Smite players in the game right now, we really just needed to stop switching your roles. :(

MLCst3alth: One of my best friends in Smite, it's always a treat teaming with you considering how often it happens on so many different teams and different times. I'm sure we'll meet again because that's just how shit goes down. We're fate, tell Mariah I'm gonna have to move in with you.

Eonic: I will always be better than you at Guardian 1v1 and Anhur 1v1 and I have unlimited proof of all my wins if anyone asks. Also, I have so much respect for you as a player and a person and any team would be lucky to have you as their support(not sobek b/c you miss too many plucks).

Masked: When you're confident, you're unstoppable. I hate you for being confident against us and 2-0'ing us right after we kicked you. You're amazing on Denial and I'm happy to see you progressing as a player.

Weak3n: Our distaste for one another may stem from the fact that we're similar in many ways, whether we'd like to admit it or not (we both suck at jungle) LAST ONE JK JK JK XD. But idk man, I'm happy you were our jungler at Xbox Worlds and I'm also glad to see you found your way on ALG and I'm sure you'll succeed with them, they're great guys.

TLDR: Omega and Snoopy left EnVy. I'm sorry to EnVy, you guys deserve the best!

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