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26th May 2016 from TwitLonger

From the beginning...

... I replaced Incon on Team EnVyus after we won Xbox Smite Worlds. We had a blast, everyone got along, hung out together, went out to eat, playing Smash, it was so much fun.

Cyclone/Kiki/Omega/Weak3n/Allied :: Scrims begin. At first we were literally destroying everyone. 15-1'd Eager, 20-0'd ALG, went 50/50 with LG, the list goes on. We were really confident. Over time scrims were getting worse and worse. Allied was starting to have his personal problem which in turn affected scrims. His case is extremely unfortunate and understandable.

Cyclone/Kiki/Omega/Weak3n/MLCst3alth :: Scrims begin. They start off a little rough. Teams we WERE beating were now giving us problems. MLC/Weak3n chemistry just wasn't working. Weak3n consistently underperformed every single game and we were only a week away from the start of the SPL and were getting nervous... ALL FOUR OF US AGREED a change in Jungle was needed/desired. When we kicked off Weak3n in Teamspeak, I was the ONLY person who said a word to Weak3n. I offered many opportunities for the other 4 to give their peace but in the end I was still the only who said anything. In my wishes with Weak3n I said, "I'm sorry it has come to this, but we all agree this change is needed and hope no bridges are burned in the process" -- So now Weak3n goes to Xbox (temporarily).

Cyclone/Kiki/Omega/MLCst3alth/Masked. :: We all saw Masked as an amazing hyper carry jungler from Denial. We thought he would be a great pick up, and he was. In scrims we saw an instant improvement with the pickup of Masked. But when the SPL games came around a different Masked seemed to be playing with us. Our comms can get aggressive at times and I'm pretty sure Masked was really uncomfortable playing with us and would be much better off sticking with Denial (which he obviously agreed with). And there the MASKED WAS THE PROBLEM meme was born.

Cyclone/Kiki/Omega/MLCst3alth/Eonic :: So with the release of Masked we sought after yet another Jungler and with Eonic showing a lot of potential/skill, we opted for Eonic. Eonic is a great player, he's just not a Jungler (Same with myself which I will be getting to... :(). Things weren't really working with Eonic Jungle. At this point we were all kinda like... "Fuck... what now?" We are a team of 5 that has no junglers, so I offered to jungle because we are a team of 5 that has no junglers. That obviously didn't go well at all. When I was jungling I felt like a lost puppy in a forest. After several losses in the SPL we became really desperate for the right fix. We then decided with Cyclone loving all assassin gods he would be the perfect jungle, which I'm sure he wasn't too excited about. Also we would be moving Kiki from ADC to Mid because we felt the Cyclone/Kiki synergy would be better on than the Cyclone/MLC synergy, on account that Cyclone/Kiki are really great friends and have been playing together for a long time. When we made that decision we went into KNOWING that MLC is a better mid player than Kiki, but with time that could change.

Cyclone/Kiki/Omega/Snoopy/Eonic :: I was pretty excited when Snoopy agreed to join our team for ADC. We got conformation from LG that we could use Snoopy 15 minutes before our match against the newly formed ALG w/Weak3n. We essentially had zero practice with this new roster which is fine, we dug ourselves into the hole, it's our job to climb out. Unfortunately with our 15 Snoopy we were not able to overcome ALG and lost 2-0. No one was happy about this because I'm sure we all were expecting a 2-0 in our favor and in the end, we underestimated the power of Lassiz blink/scylla and Oceans quiet carry he usually does.

Now Today aka Hell.
The 9-10 minutes of embarrassing action you guys witness today took over 3 hours to execute. The servers were constantly crashing, every team had to constantly remake their games in a desperate attempt to finally enter one with all 10 players. Game 1 started off, no lag, we were pumped to finally get this going. 2 minutes into the game I started noticing a little bit of warping, which I'm used to on the Chicago servers we were using. 3 more minutes later my ping shot up from 90 to 290 to 400. Was my screen when I died and shortly after I disconnected. So i tested my internet to see if it was coming from my end: were my results. The only thing connect to the internet at the time was Smite on my computer. Nothing else. It wasn't DDoS because I remained connected to the internet and talking with the Admins. Unfortunately I was never able to connect back into the game. I kept getting the same error message, "Unable to connect to server".
Game2: While this game was underway I was still communicating with the admins, here I can't really have a comment because I was not there.

Now, what you witnessed today was obviously not in any was acceptable and my teammates were each punished with a $500 fine for surrendering too early. This post may result in a $500 fine, I guess that has what it has come down to nowadays. I've been "Professionally Gaming" for about 12 years now and I'm used to praise and I'm used to trashtalk, that's why we do this. It's fun. It's exhilarating. It gives us that adrenaline rush for competition we all strive for. It's why I do it for a living, I love it and everything that comes with it. I'm so happy to be apart of EnVyus and they do not deserve any hate or discredit, they are BY FAR the best org in competitive gaming.

Going foward... I'm not too sure what will happen, but I will let you all know now in confidence that I will be playing competitive Smite until the day it dies (or I get permabanned for Twitlongers)! #LongLiveSoloLaners

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