Quitting Competitive COD

Whenever you start something you ve also an end.
As you read from the title I decided to stop playing as a pro player I know I could play with the sticks for 2 years or more but there are many reason and also I m moving to another nation and my mind is already looking forward. I always used my social media as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to spread the competitive and esport on COD, since COD4 where I discovered the MLG And Decerto (now Dexerto) I tried to lead the Italian community toward esport, was a really hard challenge, nobody wanted to change from hardcore to standard and the competitive community suffered for years but we got a lot of achievements during the last 4 years. I've never used my social to satisfy an hunger of "being popular" etc but to spread one word "competitive" sometimes worked sometimes didn't but I m still happy to see that a lot of young people are approaching the competitive scene.

Does it mean I will never play cod again? No it just means I will not play cod at professional levels as I did in the last 9 years. I will continue play cod, play competitive with friends and have good time on that title that I play since I was a little hardcore noob.

I will also continue to spread the competitive world trough my socials because if I had never started to use social network to teach other people about the esport I will know where Italy would be right now on cod...

I had great time competing in cod, met a lot of people and achieved a lot of things. I will quit without ever losing a single competitive event in Italy, I think it s a great decision before losing one ahahahah. Anyway I saw a lot of good player showing up in these years and it s time for them to take over and take the spot they deserve and I hope everyone will stand together and help Italy grow in the esport scene because we are too far behind a lot of nations even with a lot of good players.

I will continue playing cod competitive being a YouTuber, streamer and try something new, maybe going on pc and see what I can do there and have fun also on more games with friends.
I will work on my English trying to be a better anyst and maybe trying one day to cast in English.

Hope you will understand my decision and come to every single event to meet and have a great time with you :)
Let's go bitches!

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