First of all I want to say I am by no means taking shots at anyone on the team, because I know nelly is reading this and he's gonna have a mini heart attack before he even reads this entire thing. Its ok smelly ily.

Chapter1. Nelsonater
So this past week has been like a mini rostermainia for 100Thieves and im just going to dive right into it for everyone. So first things first we wanted to make a roster change seeing that we were making no improvements in uplink or ctf which had been our main issue throughout this season, and Nelson at the time was being acting very childish. Im not taking shots at him I think he's a very good player but when youre hardheaded enough to say and do things that directly impact the teams performance and you keep doing those things, a roster change was bound to happen. Im not going to say specific instances for his sake, but just to clarify nelson was originally dropped, he did not leave the team.

Chapter2. The Swindle
So after dropping nelson we picked up Aches, it was the obvious choice because we needed a leader on the team. After the pickup we didnt scrim for two days and were a little confused as to what was going on, we asked each other and Royalty told us that Aches and Nade had told him that they wanted the roster of himself, Aches, Nelson, and Remy. So we found out that Nade had moved Nelson to the bench spot so it did not count as a roster change so that he could ultimately place him back on the team, none of us were aware of this including nelson himself. Which isnt surprising considering this next chapter in my novel is going to blow your minds.

Chapter3. 100L's
Let me start this one by saying we did not sign a contract, now youre all probably calling the team dumb and what not but when you have an opportunity to play under the face of Call of Duty you would assume its beneficial. We had every intention of signing contracts, we were even told they were being written up at one point. It just never happened and was forgot about. To be honest there was a lot of stuff that was talked about that never saw the light of day, such as elgatos for everyone so we could all stream, scuf partnerships because only one of us played with a scuf, salaries, twitch partnerships and maybe even Jerseys for Anaheim. He said he was 99% sure we would have JERSEYS last week...what that should be 100%. If you havent given us literally anything at all the least you can do as an org owner is give the team JERSEYS. Now the salary part I am not as mad about as everyone would think, when we talked to him originally he said that since it was a new org that would take time to get everything situated. He stated that it would be a few weeks until he had salaries, which we were all fine with for the most part. We understood he is extremely busy and he wanted to build up the org to a point where it could support the players and any type of management it would bring. That being said I am 21 years old, I have bills i need to pay. The very first time we talked and he said it would be a few weeks I asked him and I will quote "I have bills to pay, do I need to get a part time job until you can give us a salary?" obviously a few weeks is very vague and I was prepared to get a job to pay my bills while i was playing. He told me "No, I don't want you to do that" forcing the assumption that a few weeks was at least before Anaheim. That is why I am angry, not because I didnt get anything, not because i was dropped, simply because I am now $600 in debt over two months because when I asked the person who was supposed to give me a salary if needed a job so I wasn't put into a hole. He replied "No". Also to add as soon as we qualified for season 2 he was pushing for roster changes before we played our first match.

I dont really have any hard feelings towards anyone including Nade. He told us that it would take time to get things moving and ive never owned an org but I will take his word that it does, im sure he was trying to work things out but I should not have listened to him when it came to money. I wish the best for Smelly, Royalty, Aches and Remy, and do hope they can do big things for the season to come and Anaheim.

All of that being said I am currently looking for a team hopefully one still in stage 2. If I cannot get on a pro team even though im confident in my ability to perform, I will still be looking for a team to compete with at Anaheim.
Lastly, I appreciate all the support and fans I had under 100Thieves and hope that you will continue to support me <3.

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