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22nd May 2016 from TwitLonger

#CNBLUE Spring Live ~ We're Like A #Puzzle ~ in Nagoya 20160522

The encore started with a BANG thanks to In My Head with flamethrowers again. It was so hooooot!! Yokatta, they didn't forget that song. For me they have to play it a every live haha. In particular because this song was the song of their Japan Major debut.

"Thank you for the encore! Thank you for the encore! Oh it's hot! Are you having fun. The next song is also a very good song. I'm searching RADIO!!!"

Of course they had to play this one too. I'm not tired of hearing it. It's full of energy!

YH said some words with mistakes, he did his best but I think it meant if together we keep giving our energy, they will continue for many years and if we are happy while listening to them they are happy. His words touched me because it's what I'm feeling. Even if we are walking on different ways, we want both to reach our goal. Sorry for this useless part haha.

They said all these words to finish with Young forever. Yes even if time goes fast, we are and we will stay young! But before we also made a great wave two times! And it was the best hehe!

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