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22nd May 2016 from TwitLonger

#CNBLUE Spring Live ~ We're Like A #Puzzle ~ in Nagoya 20160522

Incredible again. A new flash back with Wake up. And it changed a little bit. Of course there were still YH's various "Wake up! Wake up" at different tones, and everyone repeated after him, but he also added his own dance which could become a new choregraphy for the next Just Dance video game hahaha. He didn't stop dancing and JH, JS tried to follow him. The audience did the same as well. When we all tried to dance, YH screamed "It's not o-bon!!" (japanese traditionnal dance). For fun he danced o-bon though hahah I couldn't stop laughing! Even the musicians tried. And MH too. He left his drums (JH stood behind it at that sime to continue playing the drums) and came at the centre of the stage to dance with JS and YH. It was the most fun part of the live! I wanted to join them seriously!!! Wake up is really a song made for concerts! If there is Wake Up on the set list, you can be sure it will be one of the best part of the live and a great live! It's been a while since the last live! It was really good to enjoy it one more time!

"Nagoya, you are my Cinderella." To conclude in the wedding and love theme, Cinderella was still on the set list, with Lady as well.

The last song was a nice present as it was You're so fine from the korean mini-album BLUE MING.

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