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22nd May 2016 from TwitLonger

#CNBLUE Spring Live ~ We're Like A #Puzzle ~ in Nagoya 20160522

Another old song we could enjoy tonight was eclipse with JH's incredible voice and with an acoustic version at the beginning. He also performed IRONY (again the lights were amazing, they put a great work in the stage production even if that time there wasn't a widescreen with animations).

Realize is that moment when YH stole my heart as his performance was incredible! With mist on stage, the atmosphere was melancholic and made YH even more attractive while he was singing.

I didn't understand everything during the next MC but they talked about their debuts and mentioned that yesterday they watched old videos of them and that now they were showing their true style. After that YH screamed "Everyone, everyone, are you ready ?!!" before continuing the live with Hide and Seek. YH danced with lot of fun. Finally he could dance and he likes that haha! An orhestra joined the band, giving a new style to the song.

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