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22nd May 2016 from TwitLonger

#CNBLUE Spring Live ~ We're Like A #Puzzle ~ in Nagoya 20160522

4min before the live, everyone clapped their hands, looking for the opening of the wedding celebration... Sorry for the concert hahaha.

The intro started and the boys entered togehter on stage by the left side. I saw JH almost stumbling on the stairs >< ww
There was many pink lights and glittering little flash which looked like stars. And Puzzle started. YH didn't bring his guitar for this song and prefered dancing, putting some Wow on the lyrics. Just YH's style haha.

Immediately a flashback in CNBLUE's discrography with Have a good night. It remembered me the concert in London. That was as good as the first time I heard it. This opening was really like a party. Catch me followed. During the arena tour and come together tour this song was among the last. As it was played at the beginning, the atmosphere got hot very quickly. But I was alone to jump in my area... Why?! Fans should enjoy more by dancing!

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