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22nd May 2016 from TwitLonger

#CNBLUE Spring Live ~ We're Like A #Puzzle ~ in Nagoya 20160522

Today was the day. The beginning of a new Japan tour, a new concert (and my 5th concert in Nagoya Nippon Gaishi Hall, one of my favorites places) for the single Puzzle. A wedding song released the year of 5th anniversary since Japan major debuts. A tour which was going to be a big wedding celebration? I was curious about what the boys had prepared for this spring tour. I was expecting it so much since the last arena tour (because my stay in Japan may end soon you know... I want to enjoy as much as possible).

While people were entering in the hall, we could heard the songs of the single, hoping they will play all of them few minutes later. Puzzle music video was broadcasted few times on the two widescreens. I was sooooo far from stage (as usual) so I couldn't see the stage well.

There was also a spot video for FNC's new boysband, Neoz School. Neoz School made the opening act. They started by performing I'm Sorry. They put their own style on the song so it was like a different song. Boice participated much by clapping their hands. It was nice. They spoke in Korean and Japanese and thanked the fans before leaving the stage. I was surprised they played only one song.

But it was because 5min after the rock part, it was the dance part with another song. I didn't recognized it was I'm a Loner haha.

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