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20th May 2016 from TwitLonger

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How Moral Learning Curve Might've Informed Our Science So As To Better Guard Us


In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human

All the while political puppets are bring
privatized poison
and a dying habitat
by telling people to seek out to scapegoat


is an area of potential for really
hurting ourselves, or really really
changing forever who we are.

It's become unavoidable linking
some of these particularly novel realizations.
In a nutshell, there's an oft-present, particularly
apparently in particularly ultra-productive women
(and tending to be ultra attracting,) "ready to go"
genetic factor, which, when productive particularly of
a long string of males, then yields a slightly higher
chance of of the latter males being gay.

Not game for judging/scapegoating for democracy
reversal, including most practically because these
traits are only thinly correlated, among those
slightly likelier gay are:
HYPER (MORE, not less...) masculine
left handed; which trait is correlated with Winter,
which is why it's now the basis of the
"More Hands Fewer Mouths" community-environment
-epigenetic adaptation paradigm, which has no difficulty
in the least finding parallel support within a larger
rubric of community/seasonal/epigenetic/environmental
energy stasis, right down to the level of such things
as insulin resistance.

That in turn is consistent with
"First Available For War," where a struggling
particularly early tribalistic community will
need more males just to make resources adequate
(prior to the natural role of women coming of their
own in advancing a more equal and in turn cooperative
culture,) and within this one finds more male
sought for difficult circumtances; and, when
hyper-masculine, a little likelier gay, and thus
earliest on both better soldier and at the same
time, actually, expendible FOR SUCH PURPOSE AS

This is consistent with the ancient generals
having been routinely, ...gay: Alexander the
Great. Caligula.
In modern times: J. Edgar Hoover.

One can even imagine such generals having been
in place while taking on a new role of actually
scapegoating gays.

http://www.science20.com/news_articles/bisexual_polygyny_controversial_evolutionary_psychologist_kanazawa_says_he_knows_why_women_are_sexually_fluid-1727 via @science2_0



http://www.science20.com/news_articles/bisexual_polygyny_controversial_evolutionary_psychologist_kanazawa_says_he_knows_why_women_are_sexually_fluid-1727 via @science2_0
The sometimes ready to go factor works w
and extra males
First Available/War

http://www.science20.com/news_articles/bisexual_polygyny_controversial_evolutionary_psychologist_kanazawa_says_he_knows_why_women_are_sexually_fluid-1727 via @science2_0

Seasonal Reg Scarcity/More Hands Fewer Mouths

Left handed/Winter:



http://www.futurity.org/bright-light-metabolism-1166262-2/ via @FuturityNews
I've proposed a community-environmental-epigenetic energy stasis.


For North Carolina:

'Super males' emerge from
male-dominated populations

Except 4 This HYPER Masc Paradox

...is consistent with a higher male ratio for warring;
then, just add HYPER masculine
and gay (just for the tribalistic case,
ependible FOR WAR.)


These have been prepared by a public health
professional trained to support health maintenance
(entered from econ/is medical care/is versed in
depth-breadth, biomed,) who naturally was not
desirous of remaining "transfixed" in the face of
quite long term antagonisms in turn displacing
healthful democratic process.
Meanwhile the biomed "bopped along" until suddenly
it occurred: Heck. The elements of a whole lot of
real paradigm are all there.

Because of a HYPER-masculine/gay correlation,
co-existent with a HYPER-maculine/autism correlation,
all the while a doctor from Yale has raised the
issue of a possible
Glyphosate/autism correlation,
this explores the concomitant possiblity of
a Glyphosate/gay correlation.


Here's smoking and gay:

Ironic, isn't it:

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