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19th May 2016 from TwitLonger

Right, here we go.

Yes, nearly all of you won't understand this change with our performances as a team on this game since the start but everything isn't as it seems. Ever since we formed there have always been cracks and they've started to show as time has gone by. As of late we've been playing the worst we ever have and that shows in our CWL record. The team wasn't enjoying playing together or even feeling comfortable in-game. It's hard to fully get across how the atmosphere was and that's not one persons fault, it's a collective and the time finally came where something needed to change because no matter what we would have done it felt like the issue would never really be fixed.

We sat down and talked it out for a very long time, going over what was next and we've all come to the decision that a roster change was final. After all of us putting ourselves forward as the reason to why it may have been going wrong and it ended up that Dylan would be the guy to look elsewhere. Of course we know this will come as a shock as he is one of the best on this game if not thee best.
It was a good ride, and we definitely accomplished what we set out to do. I wish him the best of luck qin whatever is next and I've no doubt he'll have a new team in no time and be back to his old self.

We're now looking for a 4th to finish off the CWL S2 and go into Worlds with if we were to qualify.

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