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19th May 2016 from TwitLonger

#NiOh improvement points from Alpha Demo feedbacks #KTFamily

Overall Directions

-Expand Tutorial for game systems
-Balancing difficulty, especially on prologue stages which gets too imbalanced
-Improve camera & controls
-Improve User Interface
-Optimize Graphic Performance

Detailed fixes

1. Tutorial
-Add training stage where tutorial on basic controls can be accessed

2. Action & Controls
-Improve camera & player movement during lockon
-Revise requirements on stamina stagger when stamina reaches 0
-Expand item shortcut slots
-Revise interactions & responses for long-held buttons
-Improve input for half-circular spin for levers

3. Enemies
-Rebalancing enemy attack & defense stats
-Revise enemies' pursuing ability
-Rebalancing super armor (flinching) for each enemy type & attack
-Rebalancing Revenant AIs

4. Level Design / Stages
-Improve exploration features like adding shortcut paths
-Add hints to signify you'll be approaching boss battles
-Revise methods to display objects that hide the player chara
-Revise damage in fire area

5. Interface
-Improve layout and contents displayed
-Revise font size
-Allow batch control of offering in Shrine

6. Online
-Improve synchronization during online play
-When having co-op with a Visitor, the host will be able to access Shrine menu
-Rebalance rate of enemy stats increasing in co-op play

7. Others
-Remove durability bars for weapons & armors
-Rebalance drop rate of equipments
-Add new control scheme
-Implement a flow to get out of missions
-Miscellaneous bug fixes

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