A #Rohingya spiritual leader was murdered in Yangon by unknown #terrorists
19.5.16 A Rohingya spiritual leader, Khalifa AbduShukkur, successor of Khalifa Muzzaffar, 45 years old was murdered by unknown terrorist group and threw his dead body on the road, Thuwanna Mattaing, Thingyankyun, Yangon, in the morning. AbduShukkur is originally from Sinkudan of Rathedaung where he studied religious courses and memorized Quran and became pupil of famous spiritual leader, Khalifa Muzaffar.
When his teacher spired he became khalifa and taught people about love and tolerance. He moved to Sittwe after 2012 violence in which his family lost everything in Rathedaung. He lived nearly two years in Sittwe teaching tolerance even after genocidal attack on Rohingya. He has many followers in Rathedaung, Sittwe, Pauktaw, MayBon, Mrauk U and Kyauktaw. He went to Yangon with the help of a kind officer who liked his teaching in 2014.
He currently lives in 118th street of Yangon. Yesterday, at 3PM, he went to see a sick his follower of him lives in Thingyankyun, Yangon. On the way his return, he was seemed to be hijacked and murdered brutally at night time. Those who killed him might know he was a Rohingya spiritual leader. Yesterday, MaBaTha, the fascist Buddhist group of Burma organized a demonstration against Rohingya in Irrawaddy division.
His dead remind us that Rohingya has no right to life, liberty and security in Burma. Rohingya are subjected to torture inhumanely and degrading treatment everywhere in Burma. Rohingya are not equal with other citizens of Burma before the law of Burmese Government and for Rohingya no protection by the law as an excuse illegal immigrant from Bangladesh by the Government. Rohingya are subjected to arbitrary arrest, extort, and force to leave daily base. Rohingya have no freedom of movement, no right to nationality.
Rohingya issue is a serious human right violation issue and a genocide issue. More than a million Rohingya live under genocidal blockage without any single fundamental human right.
World leaders should solve this issue immediately before all Rohingya extinct from Arakan of Burma.

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