Benched on Envy

Dear friends,

For the time being I have been benched. This might be permanent or this might be temporary. Team EnvyUs has fallen on hard times as of late, and it’s no surprise that the team wants to do something to make it better. Recently , Evan “Snopster” Jones has become a free agent and he’s too hot an agent to pass up. I agree with this. If Snoopy wants to play ADC for our team, I think that’s a great idea because he is one of the best ADC’s in smite. On top of that, his synergy with Eonic is already there. That duo lane is going to be the best duo lane Envy has ever had.

Now where does this leave me in everything? I was quite reluctant to recommend picking Snoopy up. I wasn’t ever in the talks of it. I never heard a word of it from anybody. I was only reluctant because I feared for my spot on the team if he came on the team. Snoopy becoming ADC forces Kiki out of the spot. Kiki’s a great guy and I love him. He and Shewaz (and friends) took me and Spiff (and friends) out to some dinner and movies while we were in Atlanta for the spring fling. It was a fun double date. Kiki is a nice guy and everyone likes him. I was afraid if Snoopy were to become ADC, then Kiki would have more claims to mid than I would because of his relationship with the team.

Have I been struggling in the SPL as of late? Perhaps. I read smitegame chat a lot and browse reddit all the time to see the public’s opinion on me and other players. Reading that people think I’m struggling is a bummer. I used to be on one of the best teams in Smite. We would be surprised if we lost a game in several weeks. Now I’ll be surprised if we even win one. I don’t think one player individually can cause such a sudden change. I may have been struggling a bit lately, but it’s hard not to when the team is so demoralized that they hardly want to speak during SPL games and they’d rather get the quick 0-2 so they can be done with it. It’s hard to look consistent when you’re playing with that disadvantage along with a revolving door of teammates/junglers. This year I’ve had 6 different junglers as teammates, or at least potential teammates. Andinster, Garz, Weak3n, Eonic, Masked, Eonic again, then Omega. Synergy is a pretty important thing in smite , and I feel like I haven’t really been given the chance to develop it.

I talked with Omega and he said that Cyclone (the new jungler) would rather play with Kiki as his mid laner because Cyclone thinks they would have more synergy. That might just be the reason I was given , or that might actually be it. I’m not sure. Regardless, I saw Cyclone jungling on stream and Omega playing solo lane again on stream. I was looking forward to the role swap and I was excited to jungle with Cyclone. I had to find out about the role swap myself by asking. I would normally think that would be something the team talks about. I assumed then that there were intentions or actions taken to already get Snoopy and reform the team. That’s fine. I’ve got no problem with how they let me know. It’s an awkward thing to do but if they think it’s for the best, I don’t wanna stop them from doing what they think is right.

Omega told me they were going to try putting Kiki in mid and if either Kiki or the team didn’t like him being in the role, then I could have the spot back. Great. I want to play in the SPL. I was told this on a Monday. A few hours before scrims. I asked if I could still be in comms during the scrims and spectate the games. They said they’d feel more comfortable if I didn’t. Bummer. I’ve always been motivated to win. The thing that drives me most in Smite is reading post-match discussions after we’ve played a brutal game that we came out with a victory. I love seeing people hyped about my stellar performance. This is something that hasn’t happened since I left C9. I wish I could go back.

I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. On 5/19 Envy will face ALG. This is going to be the first SPL game I’ve ever missed. I even played on my wedding day; I’ve always had the dedication. It’s tough going from being on top to being here. But I don’t plan on being here for long. I want to be back on top again. It’s just going to take some time to get there and I’m going to have to find a way. I believe I will.

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