Luke Walton Won't See Predraft Workouts

Okay, what I was trying to say during the game, if I had used the right mic:

The Lakers got the second pick in Tuesday's Draft Lottery, but their new coach, Luke Walton, is still working as the Warriors' associate head coach until Golden State is eliminated from the playoffs. So Walton may have to miss a number of Predraft workouts the Lakers schedule with some of the top Draft prospects. The Lakers are taping every workout for him to view when he can. Walton and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak text each other every day and talk on the phone when possible, but the Lakers are being very respectful of Walton's remaining days at Golden State.

In the meantime, Walton is continuing to try and convince Brian Shaw to join his Lakers coaching staff. But Shaw is also being wooed by new Pacers head coach Nate McMillan for a similar position, according to sources. Ideally, Shaw would serve as Walton's proxy in L.A. during the Predraft workouts.

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