Tonight I have basically made the decision to leave the 100T CWL team and look for another team. I tried making the team work, no one was consistent really, being the only one who truly wanted to grind and get better made things hard, and im not saying I 1v4d on this team, but I should not be on a 2-6 team where there are ZERO signs of improvement. Not sure what their plans are, but you got a better chance of Jrich finishing the goblet of fire cover to cover in 3 days than Royalty keeping that roster and looking for 1. I have one of the best HP games especially with the role I run, and the best SnD k/ds and Kills per search. I always hated seeing our CTF/Uplink record because man I actually love CTF and can really take over that game mode with a sub but this team just couldnt get anything done. I tried saying what to do in uplink but you can get the horses to the water but you cant make em drink it. I really hope to get at least a CHANCE with another CWL team because I really feel like I have improved so much even from just making the league and dominating day in and day out for these last few months. I can compete at any level, and I JUST WANT TO SHOW THAT. I dont think I really couldve with these guys and I hope the best for them and Nadeshot. Thank you for the chance to try and do something, and sorry if you are a fan and reading this and feel let down. Alot of behind the scenes things that make me totally mindblown but im not getting into that. Dont tell me sorry or treat me like this is a bad thing, im actually going out to celebrate THAT IM FREE FINALLY. If you would like to team, you can DM me I'd really appreciate just the offset chance theres any team that has actually played with/ or against and know what I can do and CAN potentially do with the right players and time. I feel as if im really starting to play high level cod and I STILL want to be better. I want to win.

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