Nikolai · @kritikalmotion

17th May 2016 from TwitLonger

eX Roster, dropping myself, Flarez in!

I am dropping myself from the active roster of eX & Flarez will take my place. I had already made this decision before the other roster changes and if not Flarez someone else would have replaced me but because of other circumstances he is now the best option. I will remain as a sub.

I would have preferred this had happened earlier in the season and did make attempts to do so but it didn't happen. It is the best for the team.

I cannot compete at an adequate level online unfortunately. I personally think i could be a fairly high level player on a better connection and those that know me know i am generally very modest. The situation has effected me in CoD the entire time I've played. Unfortunately there is nothing i can do to resolve this.

Thanks to my team mates for putting up with it for this long anyway. eX themselves as well have been very supportive and will only bring good things to the ANZ scene as long as they are here.

CWL is a massive opportunity for anyone who makes it, under better circumstances i would even relocate to keep competing but it's not happening unfortunately! GL to everyone for the rest of the season.

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