Philosophy & Biology Seminar, Bordeaux

May 27, 2016, 2:30pm

Philosophy & Biology Seminar:

University of Bordeaux, Carreire campus

Salle des conférences du Bâtiment Espace Santé.

David Queller & Joan Strassmann
(Washington University in St. Louis, USA)

Kith Selection: Simple Theory, Complicated Amoebas and Bacteria

The evolution of cooperation is well understood when the cooperators are relatives but perhaps less so when they are unrelated. I will explore two aspects of evolutionary interactions among non-relatives, which I call kith selection. On the theoretical side, I show how these interactions can be expressed in form exactly parallel Hamilton’s rule. On the empirical side, I describe a complex “farming” symbiosis between Burkholderia bacteria and Dictyostelid amoebas.

Discussant: Johannes Martens (Postdoctoral fellow at IHPST Paris)
Johannes Martens - Page Personnelle

Attendance is free, but registration is mandatory: please send an email to Thomas Pradeu (


Thomas Pradeu
Full time permanent researcher in Philosophy of Science at CNRS
Immunology Unit
Group leader "Conceptual and theoretical analysis of immune activation and biological boundaries"
PI ERC Starting Grant Immunity, Development, and the Microbiota (IDEM)
ImmunoConcept, UMR5164, CNRS & University of Bordeaux
146 rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux, France

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