It seems that people confuse a game being good with doing good in the game. I can definitely see why casuals enjoy it. But Pushing more buttons and seeing more questionable decisions does not equal a game being good. I personally hate watching 90% of sfv matches due to that reason. Wakeups suck, yet are op. Meaties are ehh. To check someone means putting ur character's life at risk, for no reason. That was mostly never the case in any other sf. Anti-air jabs LOL? Inconsistent hitbox-hurtboxes? Throws? V-trigger aka x-factor. The list goes on. Im learning how to play this game the way it was meant to be played, But please lets not argue the fact that half the stuff you see is yolo. I love good neutral, and although this game does have a good sense of footsies, alot of it is also F ur neutral. Thats my opinion. See you at the next tournament LOL. Agree Disagree?

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