Goodbye for now, Riot Games

Joining Riot has been one of the most epic quests in my life, but today, that quest comes to an end. Thank you for embarking on this wild roller coaster ride with me. Social design was pretty new in the games and tech industries, and exploring uncharted territory with you has been a thrilling experience.

I’ve always believed that making League of Legends had to be a collaboration with the community. My friend Ghostcrawler and I have always said that passionate gamers, even angry ones, are gamers that care about the game--just like us. Whether you were in Wood 1 (damn matchmaking!!) or Challenger, we all want League to be the best possible game it can be. Being able to work on a game with such a passionate community has been an honor.

To Riot: When I joined here I was just a kid. A mid-level designer with the opportunity to solve an impossible problem. I've made my fair share of mistakes along the way - and learned so much from them - but the journey has been incredible. To players: keep giving feedback and working with Riot to make League last for another decade, so I can one day teach my future son how to play this crazy game.

I will always remember the impressive and inspirational Rioters who’ve crossed my path, and a part of me will always be a shopkeeper on the Howling Abyss. Riot will be perpetually on my radar. That said, impossible problems have an irresistible allure to me, and I think it’s time for a new challenge. League is in better hands than ever before, and I’m excited to see, as a player, what they’ll do next.

I’ll be around,

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