My Involvement with Team Impulse and Known Payment Issues

Going to keep this as simple as possible while giving all the details that I know.

My involvement with Team Impulse:

I was contacted by Team Impulse management that they require a substitute for the first two weeks of LCS on January 1st. My participation agreement was signed on the 2nd (for Riot record and officially listing me on the roster) and I moved to their gaming house on the 14th after subbing in for Top Dog Gaming (I will have another post in the near future in regarding to what happened in the end with the payments w/ Top Dog.)

At the time the team actually have decent dynamic, there was chaos due to the visa issue but players are involved and have productive practice. TIP ended with 2-2 record by the end of week 2 despite having the 0-2 start and the fastest losing record in LCS against IMT.

Before I left the team house, I offered my service as an analyst for another short period of time due to the lack of infrastructure. TIP at the time has a coach that is new to the scene and no analyst; I continued in helping them up to around week 4, where my schoolwork starts to overload me and I cease to watch their scrims, while still have comment on their pick&ban whenever possible. The analyst is unpaid volunteer work and I am fully aware of that.

Then around one week before the original relegation match date (later it was delayed for two weeks), team manager Lucas contacted me that he requires my assistance and be at the house for a week to prepare for the relegation. At the time I was having my midterm and I refused as the risk is too big and the job is unpaid. Later on when Riot announced that the match will be delayed for two weeks, I went to the team house for a week to prepare and fixes internal problems. Left on Saturday then returned on Wednesday so I will be on site at the Riot studio during the match. The match against APEX ended in Team Impulse victory, 3-1.

Onto the payment issue:

As a substitute player, there is a Minimum Player Compensation (MPC) that Riot enforces for any player that has played a match on stage.

I have not been paid for the 4 matches that I played for Team Impulse, and my travelling costs in assisting the team which was promised to be reimbursed.

Beibei has played for 3(?) matches total. Both his MPC and travelling costs are not paid.

Our coach Jason has not been paid for the past three months

Players including Feng, Gate and Mash are all owe at least a month of salary, plus other promised payments. (Cannot speak for the Koreans as I don't really talk to them that much)

Another assistance coach Jay, hired for the relegation match, has not been paid.

tl;dr: Basically everyone is owe in money, owner refuses to put in money.

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