Some clarification on our roster change

Hi guys, I know many have a lot of questions about our announcement earlier today, so I am here to answer some questions.

With Mushi inevitably returning to the team, we knew that we would have to make this tough decision sooner or later. It has been a rather emotional time for us as well, needing to tell a family member to be on the bench after all he has done but this is strictly a professional decision that we think will allow the team to go further.

1. We discussed about it with Net on the 30th of April and while he was shocked by the news, he maturely agreed that this is what we have decided and he will take a step back. We offered him to continue being our sub and he could take up the analyst and/or coach position. While doing this, he would continue to be under Fnatic's payroll until The International 6 and he told us that he would like to think about it. I talked to Fnatic about the situation shortly after and they agreed that we should continue supporting him to be an sub/analyst/coach.

2. A few days later, we have confirmed with Valve that the position swap is happening and both players (343 and Net) agreed on email to finalize the swap.

3. Net made the decision to depart from the team shortly after. While he did not specifically tell us that he would look for a team, given his talent, I think teams in SEA will be eager to pick him up as their player. Typically for the substitution system, the sub of each team will be able to play for any teams given that they start from the open qualifiers. This has happened previously to many like our previous sub WinteR (played for Mineski-X) and ADTR (subbed out for MidOne). We were previously told by Valve that this is allowed and assuming they make it into the regional qualifiers with their team, then we will lose them as our substitute (we lost WinteR as sub after Mineski-X made it to regional qualifiers for Shanghai Majors qualifiers)

4. Net is currently still contracted by Fnatic and will be compensated by them. Net is however allowed to practice and play with other teams who will have to go through the open qualifiers if they pick him up.

We will maintain dialogue with Net going forward and that we have endless of respect and appreciation for him. A big shoutout from the rest of the team here in Moscow.

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