Workshop: Philosophy of biology meets social studies of biosciences, Edinburgh

Philosophy of biology meets social studies of biosciences. 24 May, Edinburgh.

Perspectives on living organisms

This workshop is sponsored by the ERC Consolidator grant
Perspectival realism. Science, Knowledge, and Truth from a Human Vantage Point
(PI: Michela Massimi, Philosophy, Edinburgh)
in collaboration with colleagues in Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies at Edinburgh
(ERC Consolidator grant Engineering life: ideas, practices, and promises, PI: Jane Calvert, STIS;
and ERC Starting grant: Medical translation in the history of modern genomics, PI: Miguel Garcia-Sancho, STIS)

IASH seminar room, Tuesday 24th May 2016

13:00 — Sandwich lunch

14:00 – Sandra Mitchell (HPS, Pittsburgh) – Multiple perspectives and model/model integration.
15:00 – Miguel Garcia-Sancho (STIS, Edinburgh) – How to be (and not to be) a proactive historian

15.30: Tea/coffee

15.50 – Jane Calvert (STIS, Edinburgh): Social Studies of Synthetic Yeast
16:20 – Dominic Berry (STIS, Edinburgh): Practice across experimental spaces: HPS by ethnography

Please note:
The event is open and everyone is very welcome, but registration is required given room capacity.

Please email:
if you would like to attend.

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