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6th May 2016 from TwitLonger


I would like to address some allegations that have arose on social media over the past few days in regards to the Prize Winnings and Travel Stipend for Halo Regionals (MLG 2016). Per the agreement signed by the ex-team on Jan. 14, 2016, Noble e-Sports, LLC was to receive any prize winning directly and after percentage breakdown, distribute remaining funds to the players within 10 business days of receiving said funds, less travel monies sent to the players prior to the event, per their acknowledgement via social media. Funds were received from MLG on 5/2/2016, and funds have been sent to the players with receipt of breakdown and explanation of terms. This was completed 5/6/2016. No further items are pending between the organization and the players at this time, nor moving into the future.

On a personal note, I would like to speak with regard to social media and how statements are perceived. Far too many times social media platforms are used haphazardly without regard to the truth. I was personally accused of something that is simply not the case. Just because someone says something on social media doesn't make it truth, especially with no factual support behind it.. A former player of the Noble Family took to twitter to express his frustration with a situation that was still in the process of being resolved within the reasonable window of time of a business contract signed by that player for payment. Noble stands by its commitment to fairness and developing the community we love so much. I stand by my record of treating our teams with great care, and speedy resolution of all dealings within the Noble community. If we are to continue to grow as an industry we must all stand by our commitments to further how e-Sports are perceived in a growing market. Too many times I hear the term "This is e-Sports" but fundamentally this is business. For this scene to grow, and become even more legitimate, we need to treated it as such.

In Closing, I love this scene as I always have, and have been fortunate to work with some amazing people and talented people. Noble has had many successes since its inception and stands by our values of fair treatment for our players regardless if the outcome is favorable for us or not. I wish the players well on their continued journeys with their new organizations and hope for them to have great success in the future. Thank you and #StayNoble.

If any player needs help with understanding contracts, and both parties obligations when entering into an agreement, please reach out to Esports PRC ( via @eSportsLaw or @RogerQuiles on Twitter

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